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About Me


Hi! I’m Xiangrui, an independent game developer and creative technologist based in New York. I recently graduated with a master’s degree in Interactive Telecommunication Program (ITP) from New York University. I enjoy utilizing diverse media to explore new ways of experiencing games, moving beyond traditional mouse, keyboard, and controller inputs, and engaging players with unique and emotionally resonant experiences.


I have also created some wearable instruments, audio interactive installations, and musical robots ~ 🤖

I love listening to jazz piano, but not really good at playing. Still practicing ... 🎹


Award, Exhibition & Talk:

  • 2024 A MAZE./ Berlin Festival, talk, “to make a small game small”

  • 2024 A MAZE./ Berlin Festival, exhibition, “i want to be a tree (but life has other ideas)”

  • 2024 (upcoming) Cleveland Library, group exhibition, “Mosquito Escape”

  • 2024 A MAZE./ Berlin Awards, nomination, “i want to be a tree (but life has other ideas)”

  • 2024 alt.ctrl.GDC, exhibition, “Mosquito Escape”

  • 2024 alt.ctrl.GDC, finalist, “Mosquito Escape”

  • 2024 :iidrr gallery, group exhibition“Resonant Boundaries: A Night of Multichannel Installation”, “Echoes of Resistance”

  • 2021 Shanghai Himalayas Museum, group exhibition “Anti BodyShaming”, “Color Record”

  • 2021 Zhangjiagang Mall of Splendors, exhibition “Space Time Echo”, “Color Record”


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