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i want to be a tree (but life has other ideas) is a short game about climbing and putting leaves back on trees (or not)

Keywords: climbing game, 2D, indie, short, slice of life...

Screenshot 2024-05-03 230337_edited.jpg

Mosquito Escape is a silly alt-ctrl game.

By wearing "mosquito wings", a set of alt controllers that detects players' motion data, players can experience what it takes for a mosquito to navigate a house filled with deadly obstacles.

Keywords: Alt Ctrl, Unity, Arduino...

Tetris Run

Tetris run is an interactive motion game that gives players a fully immersive, mixed-reality gaming experience. DreamCube captures the player's position in space via OptiTrack and transmits the data to the game program created in Unity, providing players with a real-time interactive experience.

Keywords: Motion Interactive Game, DreamCube, Unity...

Screenshot 2022-07-07 231300.png
Universe Adventure


Disco Universe Adventure is a 3D endless runner game that uses the player's body movement as input. Through sensors on the belt and gloves, the player can control the avatar to attack, jump and duck with body movements. 

Keywords: 3D Game, Endless Runner, Arduino, Machine Learning...


Keywords: Arcade, 2D game, Unity...

Dumpling House is an Arcade game.

In a world where dumplings are bombs and waitresses are assassins, Dumpling House is a survival of the doughiest…bring death by dumplings to your opponent or it will be your demise.

Screenshot 2022-01-27 130130_edited.jpg
A Flying
Journey In

The Sonic

A Flying Journey in The Sonic Universe is a VR project that allows the viewers to fly in a starry sonic universe and play with sound.

Keywords: Unity, VR, sonic interaction, VFX...

Screenshot 2022-03-10 175453.jpg

YUM*3 is a 2-player arcade game where you become an alien creature and all you need to do is live longer than your opponent.

Keywords: Unity, Arcade, 2D game...


Spell consists of a spell-sensing wand and virtual game space. Players can hold the wand and say three kinds of spells (“Expelliarmus”, "Avada Kedavra", "Protego") to attack the monster or add a protective shield to themselves.

Keywords: Unity, Machine Learning, TinyML, magic, Arduino, Bluetooth...

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