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Disco Universe Adventure

Keywords: 3D Game, Endless Runner, Arduino, Machine Learning...

Disco Universe Adventure        2022        Designed and documented by Chengbo Xing & Xiangrui Zeng

Disco Universe Adventure is an endless-runner game made with Unity. Through sensors on the belt and gloves, the player can control the avatar to attack, jump and duck with body movements. In a retro and sci-fi disco environment, our goal is to run to your queen as fast as possible. 

We used a pressure sensor on the glove to detect the player's clapping. On the belt, we fixed an Arduino nano 33 BLE microcontroller with an IMU sensor. The pre-learned machine learning model is used to determine whether the player is jumping or crouching. When motion is detected, the glove and the belt will transmit signals to the computer via USB respectively, and trigger the corresponding action of the avatar.

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This is a cooperation project with Chengbo Xing. My job is to fabricate the belt controller and build the signal transmission between the device and the game. In the game part, I am responsible for writing the code of the avatar action and designing the effect and code of the obstacle being crushed. Chengbo fabricated the gloves controller and designed the game environment and the UI.

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