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Dumpling House

Keywords: Unity, Arcade, 2D game, 2 player ...

Dumpling House        2022        Designed and documented by Wenxiao Ding & Xiangrui Zeng & Christina Cappelli

In a world where dumplings are bombs and waitresses are assassins, our game is a survival of the doughiest…bring death by dumplings to your opponent or it will be your demise.

Our game is a new take on the video game bomber man. Set in a Chinese restaurant, our two waitresses must compete to survive. You must obliterate roadblocks by dropping exploding dumplings but be sure to not get caught in the blast or else a life will be lost. Don’t worry, you have three of them but too many missteps and you may bring about your own death. Your goal: kill your opponent using the power of exploding dumplings. It’s a race to glory of who can outlive the other.



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