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Keywords: Arduino, robot, step sequencer, instrument...

<Gu>        2020         Designed and documented by Xiangrui Zeng

Gu is a digital-mechanic drumming robot that creates acoustic sounds by hitting various soda cans and coffee cups. Gu has two playing modes. One is the sequencer mode, where wooden mallets are controlled through an 8-step sequencer on his back. The other is manual mode, where humans control the mallets by operating the push buttons on Gu's shoulders. The two modes are switched through the button in one of his eyes. The drumming speed is modified through a knob, which is his other eye. The robotic performance is a combination of the acoustic sounds, the movement of the rotary solenoid, and the digital step sequencer. 

DSC00061 copy.jpg
DSC00066 copy.jpg
DSC00060 copy.jpg
DSC00064 copy.jpg
DSC00065 copy.jpg
DSC00063 copy.jpg

The 3D-Model Design of Gu

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