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Mosquito Escape

Keywords: Alt Ctrl, Unity, Arduino...

Mosquito Escape was nominated as an alt.ctrl. GDC 2024 finalist and showcased at alt.ctrl. GDC 2024


Xiangrui Zeng: game design, unity programming, Arduino programming     

Coco Ma: game design, 3D art

Xiao Tan: game design, hardware fabrication

We all have the experience of waking up to a mosquito's buzzing noise on a hot summer night. When that happens, our instinct is to kill the mosquito as fast as possible, by whatever it takes! But what is it like to be a mosquito, whose only goal is to survive from human's brutal massacre? Mosquito Escape is a game that brings players on a mosquito's journey of survival to escape a human household.

A set of custom-made controllers is a great way to introduce players to this unique perspective. By wearing 'mosquito wings', a set of alt controllers that detects players' motion data, players can experience what it takes for a mosquito to navigate a house filled with deadly obstacles. Players have to flap their wings in the right way or otherwise, they will end up like the one that woke you up on a hot summer night!

Screenshot 2024-05-03 230432.png
Screenshot 2024-05-03 230337_edited.png
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