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Music Video & Live VJ

City Walk《都市迷航》


Artist: Xiangrui Zeng

​Photographer: Xiangrui Zeng & Yocho

This is an illustrated VJ for singer and rapper ZC's online concert  "City Walk《都市迷航》”.

"Moonlight Girl" ZC's first solo album "City Walk", from the perspective of her own life, tells what she sees and hears in the city with a series of small stories. The black and white illustration of a girl leaning against the window and watching the street view creates a wonderful picture of urban life.

2020-01-17 195241(21).jpg
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"-" (Minus)


Artist: Xiangrui Zeng

Photographer: Xiangrui Zeng

This group of VJ is created for Chinese singer Yocho's album "-" (Minus).

I painted 12 conceptual oil paintings, one for each song in the album, and combined them with glitches in the VJ to show the deconstruction of Yocho's beliefs, feelings, and perceptions.

"The most worthy thing in life is not addition, but subtraction. The meaning of existence does not necessarily make me feel satisfied but heavy. I want to try to overcome the heaviness of life and return to the original state. This is what "-" (Minus) wants to express. We try to talk about the unreliability of beliefs, feelings, and perceptions, and even ourselves may not be reliable. After this kind of unreliability was verified, we subtracted these from ourselves bit by bit."  ——Yocho

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