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Keywords: Unity, Arcade, 2D game ...

YUM*3        2022        Designed and documented by Xiangrui Zeng

YUM*3 is a 2-player arcade game made with Unity. You control an alien creature in this game where you use joystick/keyboard buttons to control the character move around and a button to speed it up. During the game, foods appear randomly on the screen, and the goal of the game is to live longer than the other player. You need to eat other creatures to get energy and avoid the creatures that you can not eat. There are three colors of these creatures, blue, yellow, and pink. Pink eats blue, blue eats yellow, and yellow eat pink. If you get eaten by another creature, you will lose energy.  So one trick to play this game is to be the opposite color of the other player and eat it.

As the game progresses, you will slowly lose energy. If you lose all the energy you have, you will die. There are three color change space stations where you can change your own color to eat creatures that you need to avoid before. There is a safe circle feature like the PUBG game in the game. If you are outside the safe circle in the pollution area, you will lose energy faster. As the safe circle gets smaller and smaller, the color-change station can be outside the safe area, so if you need to change color, you should plan ahead.

Player pink.png
1 (1).png
Player yellow.png
Food blue.png
Food pink.png
Food copy.png
New Piskel.png
Yellow_Pink_Space_Station 1 sheets.png
Blue_Yellow_Space_Station 1 sheets.png
Blue_Pink_Space_Station 1 sheets.png

I draw all the sprites with the iPad app Procreate and edit them with Photoshop.

I use Teensy LC to code the joystick controller a simulation of the keyboard.

Find the Unity package, laser cut file, and Teensy Arduino code on the Github page.


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